Bad Jokes (Part 9) - Corny

Best first: A guy walkes into a phone shop and says he’d like to buy a Samsung.

“Model?” asks the shop girl.

“No, I’m a plumber, but thank you very much!”
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Cheesy Does It: A Celebration of Corny Humor

“What happened to your cat? He was running around the whole village like the devil was on his tail.”
“Well he got castrated yesterday and now he’s canceling all his dates.”

 What do you call a cat who gets her way no matter what?

How did Moses cut the sea in half?
With a seasaw.
You only love me when you need money!”

“Oh come on darling, you know that I love you all the time!”

“Exactly my point!”
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Do you want some body-on-body action? To feel the mingling breaths, the animalistic smells, the synchronized movement, the in and out, through the front, through the back…?
Take the bus to work during Monday morning rush hour!
Knock knock!

Who’s there?


Mustache who?

Mustache you a question – but maybe I’ll shave it for later.
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A man goes with his e-bike to a bike shop and says, “I’d like to have a bell for my bike here.”

The dealer smiles greedily, “Bargain, we have a deal!”
A man walks into a sports shop and turns to an employee, “I’d like to have these three very big and heavy balls.”

The employee nods, “me too.”
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