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Let's start: “What is the most dangerous season of the year for aviation?
The spring, because the plants are shooting up.”
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A man runs after a bus and yells, “Stop, stop, please stop the bus!”

The bus driver stops the bus, opens the door and says: “You’re lucky, usually I don't stop the bus when somebody misses it.”
The man: “Oh thank goodness you stopped. I don't actually need a ride. But I really wanted to tell you that I'm vegan now!”

Two snakes meet:
“Why the sad face?”
“Well, I got new glasses. I can finally see properly.”
“I don’t understand. This should be good news.”
“Yes, but now I realized that I’ve been dating a garden hose for the last couple of weeks.”

A driver got stopped by a police officer. “Sir, your wife just fell out of the car, how did you not notice?”

The man turns around and says, “Oh dear, yes! I was wondering if I’d lost my hearing – it was suddenly so quiet!”
Bad Doctor Joke
A detective asks a woman, "So, your husband hanged himself?" Woman replies, "Yes, that is correct."
The suspicious detective continues, "But why does he have all those bruises on his head?"
"The old fool used an elastic rope!"
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A woman is at a doctor after her husband’s check-up.

The doctor looks serious and says, “Mrs Connelly, your husband is very sick. He needs to rest and not get upset. I will prescribe you some sleeping pills.”
“Ok,” nods Mrs Connelly, “and how often should he take those?”

“Oh, they’re not for him, Mrs Connelly, they’re for you.”
Why do orphans only have 363 days in a year?
No Fathers’ or Mothers’ day.
Did you hear about the German woman who started to work for the CIA after WWII?
Her name was Top Sigrid
Do you know the joke about the airplane?
Never mind, it didn't go down well anyways.
Which country's capital is the fastest growing?
Answer: Ireland's.
Every year it's Dublin.
Do you know what’s up?
The ceiling.
Italy Joke
A man goes to a fortuneteller. „Let me read your palm", the lady starts. The man gives her the hand, and the lady remarks: “Oh, I see, you have no children.” “What? No!”, replies the man, “Me and my wife have 5 children.” “Well,” says the fortune teller, „that's what you think!”
A man applies to become a train driver for Amtrak.
As soon as he enters the room, the job interviewer tells him, “Sorry, you can't have the job. You came on time.”
A father of 8 children is studying a book on contraception with a slightly manic look. After a short while, he cheers up and yells out to his wife, “I’ve got it, Dorothy! You’re the one supposed to be taking the pills, not me!”

Policeman: I'm very sorry, sir, but it looks like your wife got hit by a bus.
Man: I’m aware of that, but Karen has a wonderful personality.
Mother, father, and their child are sitting at a table.
Kid: “Mommy, I love you!”
Mommy: “That is so nice! I love you too! And what about your daddy? Don't you want to say it to him, too?”
Kid: “Daddy, I love mommy.”
A dad is explaining how things are to his son, “I think it’s time you knew, Greg. You know the Easter Bunny, Santa, and the Tooth Fairy? That’s always been me.”

“That’s OK, daddy, I’ve known for a long time now that all these fairy creatures were really you. Except for the stork, right? That was uncle Vernon?”
I tried to phone my cousin in France in 1943 but the line was occupied. 

“ Why do men so often die before their wives do?
Because they want to.Why is it a bad idea to play poker with a jungle cat?

Chances are it is a cheetah.
In a fish shop:

Customer, “Could you throw that fish at me, please?”
Shop owner, “Why?”
Customer, “So I can tell my wife that I caught it all by myself.” 

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