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Yo mama Jokes

The best YO MAMA JOKE first: Local authorities put out poop bags for your mom’s droppings.
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Yo mama Jokes


The funniest jokes about your mother :-)

Your mom arm wrestles for beer.
Your dad drives your mama to work with a forklift.
Santa Caus

What does Santa Claus and your mom have in common?

The beard.
Your mom was surprised to find an iPad after she sat on an iPhone.
Your mother barks when someone is at the door.
Your mom is like the Mount Everest. Nobody knows how many people climbed it. 
Yo mama is so fat, last time she went for a swim in the ocean, some Japanese boat tried to harpoon her.
Toilette humor

Your mom yells from the toilet: "Hey everyone, I'm 3D printer!"
Yo mama is so hideous, she once went to a hair salon and told the hairdresser to cut her hair - and then she opened her blouse!
Yo mama's so fat, Ebola wouldn't know where to start.
Yo mama so ugly, when she sits down on a sandy beach, cats try to bury her.
Yo mama is so poor that ducks throw bread at her!
Yo mama collects ugly children.
Every time your dog farts in the car, yo mama rolls up the windows.

Yo mama is the stronges one in prison.
I met your mom yesterday, she seemed like a very nice guy.
Yo mama is so fat, before she was buried, the earth was still flat!
Yo mama's back hair is so thick, she ruined your neighbor’s rake the other day trying to comb it.
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