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Yo Mama Jokes
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 Yo Mama Jokes

The Best Yo Mama Jokes

Your mother is so ugly, your father takes her with him to work so he wouldn't have to kiss her goodbye.
Your mom is so ugly, people break into her house just to close the curtains.
Until your mom was born, whales had no natural enemies.
Every time your dog farts in the car, yo mama rolls up the windows.
Yo mama is so fat she falls from both sides of the bed.
Your mom poops standing.
 What's the difference between your mom and an elephant?

2 pounds.
Does your dad have this really long, bushy beard?
Oh, then I saw your mom at the shops yesterday.
You know why yo mama has such a flat head in the back?
Because the toilet cover keeps falling on her head when she’s drinking.
Your mom works in prison as punishment.
Your mom yells from the toilet: "Hey everyone, I’m a 3D printer.”
When yo mama steps on the scale, it says "Only one person at a time please“.
Your moms butt hair is so long she always has to fight being pulled into the toilet when she flushes.
 Yo mamma looks so terrible, she went into a haunted house on a dare and came out with a new job.
Yo mamma is so fat – when she gets into a lift it only goes down.
Why can't your mother die?
She is so fat, Death can't get to her.
Yo mama is so fat she has to put a “Detour” sign around her neck when she goes out for a walk.
Yo momma's so fat, I made a picture of her last Easter and it’s still printing.
When I see yo mama, I feel pretty again.
NASA called. Your mother is taking us out of Sun's orbit.
Yo mama so fat, when she falls on her back, she’s still the same height as before.
Yo momma's so ugly she once threw a boomerang and it refused to come back to her.
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