Hilarious Shower Thoughts | Part 2

The best first: When you do the math, a ton of people is really only about 10 to 18 guys.
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 A stick is just a stick when you’ve unstuck it from a tree.
Feet smell and noses run.

If you live in the US, the driveway to your house is one way or other connected to everyone else’s driveway.
Is the dog fetching the stick for you just because he thinks you love throwing it?
Phone Magic Shower Thought

If I touch my phone in the right places, someone comes and brings me a pizza.
Legs are like arms to your butt.
We all have puke in our stomachs.
What if your dog realized you contain loads of bones?
You know that moment when you’re in the shower and it suddenly hits you, oh no, if something terrible were to happen right now, I’d have to run outside naked.
From the viewpoint of chairs, humans are mainly butts.
The first parents ever to have identical twins must have been really confused.
The Titanic’s sinking was a true miracle to the lobsters in the kitchens.
Youngest person alive – that must be a world record that gets broken the most often.
If every person on Earth blinked at the same time, nobody would ever find out.
Nutella’s greatest achievement was successfully convincing people that chocolate is a good idea for breakfast as long as you put it on bread.
If I think and dream in my voice, could it mean that my dog thinks in his own barks?
I wonder on how many animals’ backs did we humans have to jump until we found that horses are OK with it.
Anything in America is within walking distance – it only depends on how much time you have.

When you clap, you hit yourself repeatedly because you like it.
I’d love to know how the phrase “when the shit hits the fan” came into being – with dates, names and pictures.
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New Shower Thoughts

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