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The best first: The five-second-rule for any food that falls on the ground doesn't really apply when you've got two-second dogs.
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Taxi drivers are protesting against Uber. Hotel owners are rallying against AirBnB. I wonder what happens when the postal service finally gets wind of e-mail.
Working from home or not? Hm…

Pros: If I feel like it, I can go and have a nap.

Cons: If I feel like it, I can go and have a nap…
The light of the moon is just a reflection of the sun, right?

So how come vampires don’t burn in the night?
A 100 years ago, nearly everyone had a horse and only the rich people had cars. These days, nearly everyone has a car and only the rich people have horses. (Oh, did the stables turn…)
f you have average reading skills, you cannot look at a word in your language without reading it.
When you add one train to one train – you still get one train!

When you hear that somebody has a striking personality – could it just be a mild way of saying he’s a violent jerk?!
The older generation can discount the digital world all they like, but they cannot deny that checking your bank account balance naked in the middle of the night was a much more stressful activity in the good old days.
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Do they have coffee breaks in a tea factory?
Why do you need to make an appointment with a fortune teller?
They sell a face cream that promises to take 20 years off of you. Is that life-threatening for a 19-year-old?
Why do I have to click Start in Windows when I’m trying to shut down the computer?
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If a toy from the Toy Story died, the children wouldn't really be aware of that and all the other toys would be forced to witness the children playing with their friend's corpse.

Light switches also work as dark switches.
Do truck drivers have a glare fight during the 10 minutes that one spends overtaking the other?

Your belly button is your old mouth.
What if stones are just super nervous organisms and only get all tense when we touch them?

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