Funny Sayings - Part 7 | (Playful Banter)

Best first: I used to think that you were a pain in the neck.

My opinion of you has dropped significantly lower since then.
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I’m very sorry to interrupt you, but you must have mistaken me for somebody who’s interested.
Pity there’s no gym for your face.
Of course you're not fat. Just grab a couple of chairs and come sit with us.
 I refuse to have a battle of wits with an opponent so clearly unarmed.
Roses are red, violets are blue, a face like yours belongs in the zoo.
Funny insult:

There are three kind of people. The first kind likes to take a shower. The second kind prefers a bath. And the third kind is like you.
When someone is being stupid:

You should really start thinking about changing your dealer!
When someone talks BS:

Do you see a trash can sign on my forehead?
Ok, then keep your garbage for yourself.
Yeah, roll your eyes all you like, it won’t help you. You won’t find any brains up there.
Jesus loves you. Everyone else thinks you’re a great big idiot.
Adding Insult to Injury Humor

Maybe you should move. There must be a village looking for an idiot.
If I were you, I'd wish to be me!
Funny insult:

You go back to the highway! That’s the place for freaky accidents.
The internet never forgets.

The internet must be female.
Mean but funny offence:

With a face like yours, you have a good chance in a lawsuit against your parents.
Do not let your mind wander too much. It is too small for you to let it out alone.
When somebody has a belly ache or doesn't feel well, why not cheer them up with:
Ah, you've been nibbling from the loo again, haven't you.
One way to get rid of the Jihadi problem, and fast, would be to persuade the Chinese black market that Jihadist testicles are a super powerful aphrodisiac.
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