Smart Jokes | Part 5 (Very Funny)

The best first: Scientists have confirmed time dilation in Earth conditions.

Apparently the length of “just a minute” differs greatly depending whether it occurs in front of or behind the bathroom doors.
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Three statistical mathematicians go hunting deer. They finally track down a beautiful one, but the first mathematician shoots two feet to the left. The other mathematician misses him by two feet to the right.

All three start high-fiving each other.

God created economists so that meteorologists wouldn’t feel so bad.
What did one DNA ask another DNA?
Do you think these genes make my bum look fat?
Chuck Norris knows how to connect USA into USB.
I find it so pretentious when students of engineering call themselves engineers…

It’s not like medical students walk around calling themselves doctors or liberal arts students referring to themselves as unemployed, is it?
Two boys are talking about WWII:

“My grandpa made it through a concentration camp!”

“So did mine. But he didn’t last through the Nuremberg Trials.”
Every evening I assure myself that 5 hours of sleep is more than enough for a healthy adult who's not a complete wuss.

Every morning, I could punch myself in the face for that.
Humorously Resolved Redundancy Problem

I got Pavlov in my exam but I couldn’t remember who that that dude was. His name really didn’t ring a bell.
I went on a date with a chess player to an Italian restaurant  with checkered table cloths. It took him maybe half an hour to pass the salt.
Heisenberg and Schrödinger are driving together when all of a sudden they run over a cat. Heisenberg is shocked and starts to get out of the car to see what happened to the kitty.

“Are you mad?!” Schrödinger grabs his sleeve, “Are you trying to kill the poor thing?!”
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