Husband Wife Jokes | Part 6

The best first: Man: What would you do if I suddenly won the lottery?

Wife: Frankly, George, I’d just take my half and leave you.

Man: Fantastic. I won $20 yesterday. Here’s your $10 and be off with you.
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I just got a new microwave for my wife. It was a good trade. I hope she will be happy with the new guy. 

Oh no – you’ve literally just missed your mother in law. Would you like some new ammo?
A woman comes home from work. Suddenly she hears her husband screaming from the living room: “Noooo, not the ring! Don’t give away the ring!!”
The woman asks, “What's going on? Are you watching Lord of the Rings?”
Man: “No, our wedding video.”
A friend of mine asked if he could crash on the sofa. He said he’d like to stay at my place for a couple of nights.

He’s such a naive puppy. I’ve been married for six years now. Where does he think I sleep?
Two guys are talking, “I haven’t had intercourse with my wife until the wedding. What about you?”

“I don’t know, what was her maiden name?”
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Men perfectly understand other people. Provided those other people are men.
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Wife: Phillip, you have no clothes on, and you're oiled. Why?! Please explain yourself.
Husband: Well, you did nag me. You said I never glisten!

My wife had a terrible accident today with my car.
OMG, is she hurt?
Not yet. She locked herself in the bathroom.
“How’s it going, Pete?”
“Ah, I don’t know. The wife keeps nagging. Just this morning I got scolded like a little boy that I never listen to her and some other thing.”
Despite protests, I put a high-voltage electric fence around my property.
My wife’s dead against it.
That awkward moment when you realize that marital vows have robbed you of your right to a fair share of blanket.

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