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Birthday Jokes and Wishes | Part 2 | Short and Funny

The best first: Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake.
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What birthday gift will most offend a state employee?
A motion detector.

Pamela says on her 16th birthday: Daddy, don’t you think I’m old enough to get my drivers’ licence?
Father replies: You – yes. Our car – no.
All the best for your birthday. May you live to be at least 95 and die happy and satisfied in a warm bed, shot by a jealous husband.
Signs you are getting older: You have to scroll down a lot before hitting your age in an online form.
Little Johnny: Mummy, when was I born?
Mummy: 20th of April.
Little Johnny: Wow, what a coincidence. It is the exact date when I have my birthday.

You’ve really made it if you become more than 100 years old. Statistically, there are very few people over 100 that die.
I asked my wife what she’d like for her birthday.
She said that since it’s a round birthday, she’d love something that goes from zero to 200 in 20 seconds.
No problem, I got her a nice weight scale. But really, there’s just no pleasing that woman!
Birthday Cake Sarcasm

Is it getting warmer here or is it all the candles on your birthday cake?
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