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Hilarious Redneck Jokes | Part 4 *

(for academic purposes only)
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Why do you have a slightly higher IQ in Europe in average?

Because they don’t have rednecks.
 Redneck divorce: “Get the heck outta my truck.”
Why do redneck girls have a really big belly button? From meeting redneck guys.
One redneck girl to another: I think Billy Bob might be cheatin’ on me. I ain’t even sure the kids’re his.
Why is it OK for a redneck mama to call all her sons Harlan?
Because she can still refer to them by their different surnames.
I am having a redneck moment. Please speak slowly and use small words.
Funny Redneck Accusation

You know you live in a redneck neighborhood when the drinking age has been raised to 35 to keep alcohol out of schools.
It’s really easy to get a redneck into a dare. That’s why so many of them die in such weird ways.
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* A small note: It's NOT OK to use REDNECK JOKES, funny as they are, to put people down. That's a game no side can win, and even when people laugh with you at the time, you'll never get any friends worth that name this way.
Everything you send out will have an influence on you, so best send out something positive. And while you're enjoying yourt virtue, enjoy also these mean and ridiculously funny jokes, for, you know, academic purposes!

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