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Funny Redneck Jokes | Part 2 *

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When you say “Look, a dead bird” to a redneck, chances are he will look up.
Q: How to tell you’re at a redneck wedding?

A: Nobody knows which side of the church they should sit in.
How can you tell that a fax was sent by a hick?

The stamp gives it away.
How can you break a redneck’s nose without getting into a fight?

Put a 50 dollar bill under a glass table.
Funny Toothbrush Revelation

Q: How can you be sure a toothbrush was invented by a redneck?

A: Anyone else would have named it a teethbrush.
Why is it ok to post redneck jokes?
Because they can’t read them, anyway.
What do rednecks like to do in their free time?
Pulling ‘yo mama’ jokes on their own brothers and sisters.
Rednecks are so poor that if you visit them in the winter and fart secretly at their place, they will ask if someone turned on the heating.
How to keep a redneck entertained?

Give him a piece of paper and write on both sides: “Please turn over.”
Why don’t rednecks get a coffee break at work?

Because the retraining when they come back would take too long.
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* A small note. It is NOT OK to use REDNECK JOKES, although they're hilarious, to make people feel crap. In that game, nobody really wins, and even when people laugh with you at the time, it hasn't ever won anybody any friends.
Everything you give out has an influence on you, so best give out something positive. And while you're at it, why not enjoy these mean and ridiculously funny jokes, just for idle amusement!

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