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Chuck Norris One Liners | Part 8

The best first: Chuck served as a Kamikaze pilot - on twelve missions.
Chuck Norris is so manly, even his chest hair has chest hair.

If you seek a list of Chuck Norris' enemies, try checking the extinct species list.
Mr. Norris once ate a whole cake before anybody could warn him that there was a stripper inside.
Chuck Norris was once bitten by a black mamba. After three days of agony, the black mamba died.

Why do children cry when they are born? They know they've entered a world with Chuck Norris in it.
Chuck Norris has his own joke category.
They once did a Survivor episode with a bunch of people and Chuck Norris being dropped off on a deserted island. There were no survivors and nobody’s had the guts yet to go there and pick up the filmed material.
 Mount Rushmore Joke Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris doesn’t read books. He squeezes the needed information out of them.
The Apple customer support did as Chuck asked and speedily installed Android on his iPhone.
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