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Chuck Norris Fun Facts | Part 3

The best first: When Chuck Norris was born, he gave his mum a ride home.
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Chuck Norris has been to Mars already; he’s the reason there are no signs of life.
Chuck Norris went skydiving and his parachute didn’t open. He went back to the store the following day to claim a refund.
Chuck Norris got lost in a forest. Nobody has ever seen the forest again.

Mr. Norris doesn't use condoms. There is no protection against Chuck Norris.
Chuck Norris can fart even when he has diarrhea.
Chuck Norris was born to his aunt because nobody would dare to date his mother.
Chuck Norris once told his grandma that he wants three dumplings – AND HE ONLY GOT THREE DUMPLINGS!
When Chuck Norris farts, the world becomes a warmer place.
Chuck Norris once visited the Virgin Islands.
Or the Islands, as they are now known.
Crop circles aren’t alien creations. They are places where Chuck Norris has been practicing his roundhouse kicks.
What happens when Chuck Norris says “Sit” to his dog?
All the people within hearing distance sit down.
There was a rumor circulating once that Chuck Norris lost a fight with a pirate. That is naturally nonsense. It turned out that Chuck Norris started this rumor himself to attract more pirates.
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