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Chuck Norris Jokes and Sayings | Part 2

The best first: Chuck Norris is known to have won an argument with his wife.
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Chuck Norris doesn't do fishing. He says, "You, you and you, out!"
Contrary to legends, Chuck Norris does need a double. But he only uses him for scenes where he's supposed to cry.

When it looks like margarine, smells like margarine, tastes like margarine but Chuck Norris says that it’s butter, then it is butter. Period.

When Chuck Norris looks directly into the sun, the sun has to squint.

Somebody asked Chuck Norris to please stop giving roundhouse kicks to people all the time.

Historians agree this was one of the biggest mistakes ever made.
Fun fact
The wheelchair symbols at parking lots don't mean that the places are reserved for the disabled. They are an express warning that the place belongs to Chuck Norris.
The police are on the run after Chuck Norris robbed a bank.
Chuck Norris keeps a diary. It's known as the Guinness Book of Records.
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