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Chuck Norris Jokes | Sayings | Part 2

The best first: Chuck Norris is known to have won an argument with his wife.
Chuck Norris doesn't do fishing. He says, "You, you and you, out!" and off he goes with three fish.

Chuck Norris naps with his eyes open!
The wheelchair symbols at parking lots don't mean that the places are reserved for the disabled. They are an express warning that the place belongs to Chuck Norris.
 Eyelid chuck Norris
Chuck Norris has a little sister. Her name is Steven Seagal.
Chuck Norris is so well endowed, long-distance relationships aren't a problem.

Chuck Norris keeps a diary. It's known as the Guinness Book of Records.
No one can lick their own elbow. Chuck Norris can lick them both.
Whenever Arnold says, “I’ll be back” in any of his movies, he means that he’s just going to quickly ask Chuck Norris for advice.
What happens when Chuck Norris says “Sit” to his dog?
All the people within hearing distance sit down.
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