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Your Mother Jokes | Part 2

The best first: Yo mama is so fat, when she falls down in Wyoming, a bike falls down in China.
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Your mama is so fat she looks at the menu in a restaurant and simply says, "OK."
hairy stuck escalator

Yo mama is so hairy, she keeps getting stuck on the escalator.
Yo mama is so stupid. She gets a second opinion from the same doctor.
Yes, I did spit your mother in the face but that was only because her mustache was on fire.
Yo mama is twice the man you’ll ever be.
Yo mama is so fat, when she walks past a television, you miss all three parts of the Lord of the Rings.
Your moms butt hair is so long she always has to fight being pulled into the toilet when she flushes.
Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is afraid of your mother.
When your mom farts, even the skunks outside have problems breathing.
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