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Part 8: Yo Momma Jokes

The best first: Your mom steels food from the pig stall.
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Yo momma so fat, she needs two SD cards when she wants to save a selfie.
When yo mama farts in the cinema, she gets a private viewing.
How do you get your momma in the house?
You grease the door frames.
Yo momma's butt hair is so long it regularly gets stuck in her zipper.
When yo mama goes to McDonald’s, all the other customers are asked to leave.
Why can't yo momma die?
She is so fat, Death can't get to her.
Your mom is so ugly. When she was born, they threw her away and tried to raise the afterbirth.
Yo mama is so fat that when her doctor diagnosed her with a flesh eating disease, he gave her five years to live.
Yo mama works for Weight Watchers as the "Before" picture.
Yo mama is so fat, she sits next to everybody in the cinema!

Climate scientist wonder. Sometimes sea water levels rise and sometimes they fall. The answer may lie in yo mama’s bathing habits.
Yo momma has to wear a muzzle when she goes out for a walk.
Your mom plays in the Beauty and the Beast. She’s the Beast.
When your mother lies on her stomach, she gets vertigo.
Yo momma is so fat – she puts on a gray T-shirt and people mistake her for the Death Star.
 Hunting with yo mama is dead easy. Whatever animal sees her gets paralyzed on the spot.
They use your mom in wars as a minesweeper.
Yo mama buys the All You Can Eat Menu twice.
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