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 Part 7: Yo Mama Jokes for Kids

The best first: The zoo called. They want yo mama back.
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Yo mama's name is Joe and she's the hairiest in the zoo.
Yo mama goes swimming. All kids are screaming, "Who's going to get to the island first!
A bus crashed into your mom. Your mom turned around and yelled: "Hey, which one of y'all threw the stone?"
Funny Lift

Yo Mamma is so fat - when she gets into a lift it only goes down.
When yo mama farts, the volcano says impressed: Holy Smokes!!
Funny both sides from bed

Yo mama is so fat she falls from both sides of the bed.
Pocket Money

Yo mama steals your pocket money.
If somebody were to light up one of yo mama's farts, that would be the end of all life on Earth.
Bob the Builder Fun

Bob the builder once saw your mum, he said, "No, we can't fix this!"
Your mom is so fat, she reserves the whole row in the cinema.
Darken School

Your mom is so fat she darkens our classroom every time she comes to pick you up from school.
Your Mom farts uncontrollably when she laughs and blames you.
Yo mama only keeps you because of child support.
Yo mama fights bears for the food remains at camping sites.
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