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Yo Mama | Part 3

The best first: Your mom is the final boss in Diablo III.
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Yo mama has to comb her back.
Yo mom looks so terrible, she went into a haunted house on a dare and came out with a new job.
Mom jokes

Your mom works in prision as punishment.
Yo mama's armpits are so hairy she looks like she has two hippies in a headlock.
Yo mama is so fat, she plays gravitational tug of war with black holes!
When your mom goes into the public swimming pool the water becomes yellow.
Yo mama received an offical ban on jumping. NASA calculated there's too much of risk she'd be taking us out of orbit.
Until yo mama was born, whales had no natural enemies.
Sun give up

Yo mama once lit her fart. The sun said,"I give up!"
You know why yo mama has such a flat head in the back?
Because the toilet cover keeps falling on her head when she’s drinking.

They banned your mother from Walmart.
Yo mama is so poor, she runs after the garbage truck with a shopping list.
Yo mama is so fat that when the world goes down, people can still live on her.
Yo mama has legs like a gazelle. Maybe not as thin but definitely that hairy.
Yo mama sings pirate songs on the toilet.
If yo mama hadn’t jumped in the pool, NASA wouldn't have found water on Mars.
Your mom plays the leading role in the movie Godzilla.
Your mom keeps every night 20 homeless people warm in the winter. With her body heat.
Yo mama so mean, she uses yo mama jokes on orphans.
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