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Part 4: Yo Mama So Fat Jokes

The best first: Yo mama is so fat, she’s round even in Minecraft.
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Yo mama so fat and old that when God said, "Let there be light," he had to ask her to move out of the way.
Your mama so fat that if she tried to bungee jump, she'd go straight to hell!
Even your moms shadow has got high blood sugars.
Yo Momma is so fat, I made a picture of her last easter and it's still printing.
Yo mama so fat, she works as an outdoor cinema screen.
Yo mama so fat when she died, she broke the stairway to heaven and had to go to hell.

Yo mama is so fat, the selfie stick just ain't long enough for her.
Yo mama so fat when she steps on the scale, it goes: "We don't do livestock".
Even yo mama's tapeworms have diabetes.
Yo mama is so fat, when she showers, it takes the water 3 minutes to finally hit the floor.
Yo mama is so fat she's on both sides of your family!
Your Mother peep backwards

Your mother has to peep when she goes backwards.
Yo mama so big, she was born between the 13th and 17th December.
Yo mama is so fat she sank a rowing machine last week.
Yo mama so fat she uses a boomerang to get her belt on.
Moby Dick

Your mother is so fat, MOBY DICK looks like a TIC TAC next to her.

Yo mama is so fat she has to put a "Detour" sign around her neck when she goes out for  walk.
It hasn’t been fully established yet whether yo mama lives on Earth, or whether the Earth lives on your mother.
Yo mama so fat when she leaves the house in high heels she comes home in Flip-Flops.
Yo mama is so overweight she once boarded a train and the train couldn’t start rolling.
Sea World

Yo mama is so fat she had to be baptized in SEA World.

Your mom eats the all-you-can-eat buffet.

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