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Mama Jokes | Part 9 *
(for academic purposes only)

Your mom is so fat, when she falls down in Wyoming, a bike falls down in China.
Yo mama's so fat, Ebola wouldn't know where to start.
Your mom buys the All You Can Eat Menu twice.
Your mother is so hairy that when she goes to walk your dog, she is the first to get petted.
Your mom works for China as a rocket defense shield.
Yo mama so ugly, when she sits down on a sandy beach, cats try to bury her.
Yo mama so fat – she puts on a gray T-shirt and people mistake her for the Death Star.
Why does your mum laugh when she runs across a meadow?
Because the grass tickles her nuts.
Your mother has to peep when she goes backwards.
Yo mama is so poor that ducks throw bread at her!
Yo mama is twice the man you’ll ever be.
Yo mama's so grim, the McDonalds she works for gave up on Happy Meals.
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* A small note. It is NOT OK to use YO MAMA JOKES, even though they are hilarious, to make actual people feel bad. Nobody really wins in that game and even when people laugh with you at the time, you won't ever get any friends this way.
Everything you send out will have an influence on you, so better send out something positive. And while you're doing that, enjoy these truly mean and ridiculously funny jokes, for academic purposes!

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