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Yo Mama Jokes | Part 8 *
(for academic purposes only)

The zoo called. They want your mother back.
Yo mama so big, she was born between the 13th and 17th December.
When your mom farts, the volcano says impressed: Holy Smokes!!
Your mama is so old her birth certificate is made out in Roman numerals.
If somebody were to light up one of your mom’s farts, that would be the end of all life on Earth.
What's the difference between your mom and an elephant?

2 pounds.
Yo mama works for Weight Watchers as the "Before" picture.
Yo mama's so nasty I got her on the phone once, and she gave me an ear infection.

 Yo mama so fat she uses a boomerang to get her belt on.
Your mom sings pirate songs on the toilet.
When yo momma goes to the zoo, she throws feces at the apes.
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* A small note: It is NOT OK to use YO MAMA JOKES, hilarious as they are, to put people down. In that game, nobody really wins, even when people laugh with you at the time, you'll never get any friends that way.
Everything you give out will sooner or later have an influence on you, so better give out something positive. And while you're at it, enjoy these mean and ridiculously funny jokes, for academic purposes!

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