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Yo Mama | Yo Momma Jokes | Part 2 *
(for academic purposes only)

 Yo mama's so fat, last time she went for a swim in the ocean, some Japanese boat tried to harpoon her.
When your mom sits on an iPhone it becomes an iPad.
Yo mama's so fat, her bellybutton gets home quarter of an hour before she does.
When yo mama walks outside in the evening, the street lights go out.

Yo mama so old, her passport states her birth date as “Jurassic Period”.
Yo mama so ugly she can scare the shit out of a toilet bowl.
Yo mama grocery shops at McDonalds.
Yo mama has legs like a gazelle. Maybe not as thin but definitely that hairy.

 Even yo mama's tapeworms have diabetes.
When your mother looks out of the window, Satan starts vomiting.
Yo mama's so fat she sank a rowing machine last week.
Yo mama so fat, when she showers, it takes the water 3 minutes to finally hit the floor.
Your mama is so old her birth certificate is made out in Roman numerals.
I met your mom yesterday, she seemed like a very nice guy.
There is no Greenland. That’s your mom.
Who races the freeway at a 100 mph?
Yo mama with a McDonalds gift voucher.
Yes, I did spit your mother in the face but that was only because her mustache was on fire.
 Your mama's so old, they didn’t even study history when she went to school.
Your mom is so ugly, the FBI is using her as a flash grenade.
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* A small note: It is NOT OK to use YO MAMA JOKES, although they're very funny, to make actual people feel bad. People may laugh with you, but you'll never get any friends that way.
Everything you give out has an influence on you, so best give out something positive. And while you're doing that, enjoy these disgustingly mean and ridiculously funny jokes, for academic purposes!

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