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Dad Jokes for Kids | Part 7

The best first: What is the single most popular subject at a snake school? Hisssstory.
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Dad Joke for Children

 Why does the traffic light go red sometimes?
So would you if you had to change in the middle of a busy intersection!
How do you start a communication with a fish?
You drop him a line!
Funny Monkey Solution

Why did the teacher have to visit the eye specialist?
She just couldn't control her pupils!
Children Cow Animal joke
What did the traffic light say to car?
Can you look away? I’m changing.
Have I told you the joke about the roof?
Actually, never mind, it would be way over your head!
Why did the bird have to go to the hospital?
He was scheduled for a tweetment.
Kid Joke Pencil

Why did the banana have to go see the doctor?
It was not peeling very well.
Would you fight a dinosaur?

No way, are you crazy?

Good choice, cause you'd get jurass kicked.
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