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Geek Jokes | Part 6

The best first: A guy comes in a pub and orders one beer, then again one beer, then 2 beers, then 3 beers, then 5 beers…
The barkeep sighs, “Fibonacci, you’re going to get pissed again, you know that?”
A programmer comes in a pharmacy and says, “I feel kind of weak after the long winter, I think I need something to boost my organism. What do you recommend?”
The pharmacists suggests beta carotene.

The programmer shakes his head, “Nah. I think I’ll wait till the full version comes out.”

What is socialism? A system which bravely and innovatively conquers barriers that wouldn’t be present in any other system.
“Well, Johnny, what did you get your Grandma for her birthday?”
“A baseball.”

“Johnny, what were you thinking?! Grandma doesn’t play baseball!”

“So? She got me some books for my last birthday.”
Chuck Norris can make coal out of diamond.
Heisenberg and Schrödinger are driving together when all of a sudden they run over a cat. Heisenberg is shocked and starts to get out of the car to see what happened to the kitty.

“Are you mad?!” Schrödinger grabs his sleeve, “are you trying to kill the poor thing?!”

American psychologists have isolated two fundamental reasons why men frequent bars.

1) They don’t have a woman.

2) They have a woman.
How can you tell that the French airline workers are on strike?
You can’t.
Chuck Norris was the first choice for the series 24 Hours, but was fired after he took just 10 minutes and 27 seconds to kill all the terrorists and save the world.
What’s the difference between a running and a flying mouse?
The flying one has a hawk attached to its back.

Why does a French airport strike always have to last a few days?
So that people can distinguish between a strike and a regular delay.
For sale: Ultra-modern Uzbek propane-powered calculator.

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