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Geek Jokes | Part 4

Best first: Somebody stole all my lamps. I’m delighted.
And why do you think you’d be academically qualified for this job, Mr Richardson?”
“I possess a degree of intelligence.”

5 and 2 had an argument.
2 1
How to kill a male walrus with no effort?

Point to the ground right in front of him and gasp, “Oh goodness, is that a sardine?!”
“If you could invite any historically important person to dinner, who would be your choice?”
“I’d invite Gandhi.”
“Why’s that?”
“There’d be more food left for me.”
We’ll we’ll we’ll, and if it isn’t the Autocorrect.
Yo girl, I put sexy in dyslexia!
Um… hang on a moment though…
How many potatoes do you need to kill an Irish guy?
None at all.
Fun fact – did you know that when you take all the nerves from a human body and align them so they’re forming a straight line, you’ll end up in jail for a really, really long time?
Why was there a special meeting over at the United Nations when your mom dropped the plate at Thanksgiving?
Because it meant that Turkey crashed, there was an uncontrolled territorial expansion of Greece and China totally shattered to pieces.
A floppy disc is kind of like Jesus, really. It died and became the icon of saving.
What’s the proof that Cyclops was a pretty bad teacher?
Well you can’t deny he only had one pupil, right?

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