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Bonus Jokes | Part 8

The best first: I asked my North Korean friend how it was to live in North Korea. He said he can't complain.

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?

The love of your life.
Liar! Chocolate can’t speak!

A detective asks a woman, "So, your husband hanged himself?" Woman replies, "Yes, that is correct." The suspicious detective continues, "But why does he have all those bruises on his head?"

"The old fool used an elastic rope!"

Why don‘t cannibals eat divorced women?

Because they’re bitter.

Q. What’s the worst thing about being lonely?

A. Playing Frisbee.

Question: I have an extra-large nose, three eyes and thirty teeth. What am I?
Answer: Ugly

I’m certain there are female hormones in beer. When I drink too much, I talk nonsense and I cannot control my car.

Question: Why did the cow cross the road?
Answer: It wanted to go to the mooovies.
A man noticed his credit card has been stolen - but he never reported it because the thief was still spending considerably less than his wife.

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