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The best first: What do you call an alligator who knows his way around?
A navigator.
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Do you know what makes me smile?
My facial muscles.

Today I brought a pizza with me on the bus. The driver said: “Hey that is not a restaurant here.” I said: “I know, that’s why I brought my own food.”

Being a 24-year-old virgin sucked, I’m glad nobody can say that about me anymore.
I’m 25 now.
A dung beetle goes into a bar and asks, "Yo, is this stool taken?"
My mom loves gardening. She was so excited that spring finally arrived, she wet her plants.
What wouldn’t you find in a haunted house?
A living room.
Where do you bring horses that are sick?
To the horsepital.
What is yellow and can’t swim?
An excavator.
Did you find it funny?
Neither did the excavator operator.
Pick up line: Hey girl, I overheard you saying that you’re on the lookout for some STUD! Well I’ve got STD, so all that’s missing now is u…
 Have you been picking your nose again?!
Why would I?! I’ve had it since I was born!

What should we call an American bee?
I bought a Chihuahua for my wife. Chihuahuas are amazing. Despite the huge ears, bulging eyes and terrible breath, he’s very fond of her.
I was down to my last 100 dollars. I really didn’t know what to do. So I asked myself the key question. What would Jesus do? And then I went and turned it into wine.
Toilet jokes? Nah, not my number one jokes, really.

But a good, solid number two!
What do you call a totally unimportant elephant?
An Irrelephant.
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