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Chemistry Jokes | Part 6

The best first: What is so great about nitrates? You get double the pay of the dayrates.
 What do you get when you replace the carbon atoms with iron in a benzene ring? A ferrous wheel!

Neutron goes into a house of ill repute and enjoys the company of a particularly seductive girl. When he’s leaving and asks how much he should pay, she smiles at him, batting her eyelids and breathes, “For you, there’s no charge.”

What is Beethoven’s favourite element? Sodium! Na na na naaa…

What is hydrophobic? A person suffering from an irrational fear of utility bills.

Do you know the formula for sodium hydride? NaH…

What is CH2O? Seawater of course!

What does Santa say when you leave him traditional Christmas sherry? HOH-HOH-HOH thank you so much!!!
How come Iron Man is a woman? Because Fe-Male.

What is a girl’s best friend in potentia? Carbon.

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