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Chemistry Jokes | Part 4

The best first: Telling chemistry jokes is only for the brave. Often, you get no reaction.
 What did water say to sodium? I think you’re overreacting.

What’s so great about ammonia? Personally, I find it pretty base.

Because of its high reactivity, the slogan “If you can’t join ‘em, barium”  was suggested.

Have you got a problem? Call in a chemist. They can always come up with a good solution.

What is an acid with a serious attitude problem?
Q: What is any parent’s favorite Christmas carol?
A: Silent Night.

What is a chemist’s solution to times of hunger? Titrations.

A new element was found and added to the periodic table recently. It is called Unobtanium and is naturally found in small, flexible green and white rectangles called bills.

I went to the crappest party of my life yesterday. It was deathly dull and should have been called an Ode to Bohrium.

Photons have a big advantage at airport check-ins. They are travelling light.

Cole’s Law – mostly about cabbage, really.

What is the difference between sea lion and a seal? An electron.

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