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Blonde Jokes | Part 4 *
(for academic purposes only)

Why do blondes sometimes invite as many as 17 friends for a movie night?
Because the DVD says "Only for 18+ viewers"!
A blonde to her doctor: "I swallowed an ice cube a few days ago but it hasn't come out yet."
A blonde decides to go ice fishing. She makes a hole in the ice and starts fishing. Suddenly a voice from above says: “There are no fish here.” Startled, the blonde looks around but doesn’t see anybody. She shrugs and continues. After a while the voice comes again: “There are no fish here.” The blonde looks up and asks, “Lord? Is that you?“ The voice replies, „No, this is the ice-skating rink’s maintenance manager. Seriously, there are no fish here.”
Q. Why do blonde women often get confused in the loo?
A. They’re not used to pulling their own pants down.
A blonde girl asks, "Excuse me, where is the other side of the street?"
"Over there."
The blonde frowns, "Funny, they sent me here from over there..."
Q: What should you do if a blonde tosses a grenade at you?
A: Pull out the pin and throw it back.
Two blondes and a brunette are standing in front of a river when a fairy comes and says, “I will grant each of you one wish.” The first blonde says, “I wish for water wings so I could get across the river.” The fairy grants her this wish and the blonde swims across.
The second blonde says, “I wish for a swimming ring so I could get across the river.” The fairy grants her this wish and the second blonde swims across.
The brunette then says, “I wish for a million dollars,” and walks across the bridge.
Why did the blonde open her umbrella under the shower?
She didn’t have a clean towel and so she didn’t want to get wet.
Why do blondes smile during a lightning storm?
They want to look good in the photograph.
How do you break a blonde's nose?
Put 50 US$ in the lower shelf of a glass-top table and say: "Here, it's for you!"
What does one blonde's leg say to the other when they meet?
"Oh hey, that's nice, I've not seen you in ages!"
Q: How to drown a blond girl?
A: By placing a mirror at the bottom of a pool.
Q: How can you tell a blonde has been making choc chip cookies?
A: There are Smarties shells all over the kitchen floor.
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* A small note to these jokes: It is NOT OK to use blonde jokes, funny as they are, to make anybody, on the internet or in front of you, feel crap. In that game, nobody really wins, and even though people may laugh with you at the time, it will never get you any real friends.
Everything you give out has an influence on you, so best give out something positive. And while you're at it, why not enjoy these mean and hilariously funny jokes, for academic purposes!

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