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Pun Jokes | Part 4

The best first: Why don’t teddy bears ever really eat at their picnics? - Because they’re already stuffed.

Two egotists started a fight. It was an I for an I.

I don’t want to cut my hair! I’m really attached to it!
Notice on a shoe repair shop:
I’ll heel you, I’ll save your sole, I’ll even gladly dye for you.
A man in a butcher shop: "I would like bull testicles please."
Butcher: "Me too."
I was trying to catch some fog earlier but I mist.
Toilet paper plays an important role in my life.
Why did the octopus blush?
He’d just seen the bottom of the ocean!!!!
Why does Peter Pan fly all the time?
He Neverlands.
Why are programmers no fans of the outdoors?
There are too many bugs.
I’d love to know how the Earth rotates. It would totally make my day.
Why is the math book so sad?
It's got too many problems!
Have you heard about this dude who had to have his left leg and left arm amputated after a car crash? -- He's all right now.“
Nurse to a doctor: Doctor, here’s your list of heart, liver and kidney donors. I already sorted them alphabetically.
Doctor: Excellent job. Seriously well organ-ized.
Doctor: You're obese.

Patient: For that I definitely want a second opinion.

Doctor: You’re quite ugly, too.
Do you think that when Han Solo married Princess Leia, she demanded that he change his name to Han Married?
How do you organize a fantastic space party? You planet.
Why was the tomato all red?
It saw the salad dressing.

What would you call a fish with a missing eye?

A fsh, probably.

I wanted to tell you a joke about leeches. But I won’t – they all suck.
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